2000AD × Unbox Industries's "The Visible Man" Bootlegs by Paul Kaiju, REAL×HEAD & Fig-Lab!

As we'd previously announced, the fantastically fresh Unbox Industries has licensed "Visible Man" from 2000AD and are not only unleashing a toy of the titular character but also so-called "Bootleg" versions created by some top talent! Pictured above are the interior bone prototypes for the versions by (left-to-right in the above picture): Fig-Lab's Don "datadub" Kratzer, Paul Kaiju, and REAL×HEAD. Pictured below left is the clear vinyl pull of the head's outer layer for Paul Kaiju's version as well as, on the right, the prototype wearing it. The base figure is set to be released around the end of this month (June 2014) and the first series of "Bootleg" versions should be out within a month after that!

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