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Teasers for Streets of Beige 'Big Ass Monster Show'... what are they?!?!

What could this be?!?! Who could it be by?!?! These are all questions we are asking you, because we have no idea... but what we do know is that these little teasers are for the previously announced Streets of Beige "The Big Ass Monster Show" going down on Friday the 16th May at 8pm(BST) and runs until Friday the 13th of June!!! Featuring works from Zombie Yeti, Jon-Paul Kaiser, Mick Minogue, Joshua Belanger, Super Future Kid, Benjamin Mounsey, Gavin Strange, Mr. Flurry, Chad Woodward, Duncan Cox, Seventh.Ink, Goodleg Toys, Shadoe Delgado, Tim Miness, Andrew Richmond, RöTWANG, Mr. Four Fingers, Tessa Morrison, Butch The Butcher, Ouer Graffix, Michael Latimer, Ian Wilding, Lee Nakama, Matthew Griffin and WOLFMASK... the show promises to deliver some visual eye candy for the masses! This is an online only event, so be sure to hit the link HERE at the previously mentioned date at time!

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