Kidrobot x Andrew Bell - "Orange Drop" a massive 20" Dunny teased!!!

Releasing today is the very beautiful 3" Dunny entitled "Lemon Drop" from artist Andrew Bell... and whilst that is some cool news to report, that's not why we are here... we are here to talk about a MASSIVE piece that has been teased by Kidrobot up until now, the larger big brother of "Lemon Drop"... "Orange Drop" a massive 20" Dunny that will be releasing at an undisclosed date. Andrew sent out a newsletter earlier today show off the above teaser... check out that giant orage foot/leg in the background! Now, not much is known about this release, but in a recent interview Andrew mentions "Orange Drop features a combination of elements and themes from past Dunny designs and from my recent work. It’s about the consumption of resources, the destruction of environment and nature’s amazing ability to adapt. Luckily the highly evolved lotus flower skull spider is on the back so arachnophobes are safe. The mini Lemon Drop version plays off the name of the 20″ with a translucence yellow material reminiscent of classic lemon drop candy." A cool little backstory on the design/figure.

Also, a few weeks ago, Kidrobot posted a video showing an inside look into thier offices in Boulder, Colorado... and in that video we get a quick glimpse at said 20" Dunny... do you see it? Check out the upper right corner of that shelf, next to the 20" McBess Dunny... "Orange Drop"!!! Although it's uncertain if it is a clear material like the "Lemon Drop" we can see that there is a really nice gradient fade from light to dark orange with what appears to be the same design as the smaller version. Expect official release news very soon along with a price tag of about $400!

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