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"Kaiju Oculis: Diadem" resin monster figure from Gorgoloid!!!

"Kaiju Oculis is a mysterious meteor monster who crashed to the earth with violent impact, disrupting the balance of the ecosystem. Rising from the impact zone, Oculis began absorbing local flora and fauna to create the matter which is its body. As Oculis intakes more nutrients, it's body becomes increasingly larger. The monster leaves a path of carbon and decay as it lumbers along feeding aimlessly. It seems to simply wander and feed without direction or interest in it's surroundings unless provoked, in which case the leviathan turns with immense fury upon it's offender..." Standing at just 4" tall, this monstrosity from Gorgoloid is hand cast and hand painted resin... and is looking to dominate your toy collection!!! Limited to just 5 pieces, these will be available HERE on Monday, May 12th at 6pm PST for just $75 a pop.

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