It's a Dunny day!!! Another sneak peek at an upcoming Kidrobot release... "Madam Mayhem"!!!

Shoot... if you look hard enough, Kidrobot reveals some gems! Spotted in a little promo video that Kidrobot posted last week where viewers got an inside look into their headquarters in Boulder, Colorado... we spotted a little split second screen of what appears to be a new Dunny design that we know nothing about! Obviously titled "Madam Mayhem", the image you see above is a screen shot from the video and it looks to be the box of said Dunny and from the little bit we see, it looks to be a holographic type material... pretty slick! Is this a stand alone release, a case exclusive for Kidrobot's upcoming "Art Of War" Dunny series, a 3" a 8" or even a 20"... regardless of any of that, we can't wait to see what this turns out to be.

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