DrilOne's SILVER ‘Art of War’ Dunny variant from Kidrobot!

Hot off the tail of our recent teaser post showing you all a few designs from Kidrobot's upcoming "The Art Of War" Dunny series, the folks over at Vinyl Pulse got their hands on an exclusive picture showing off a new color variant of the Dunny that DrilOne created for this series! Sporting a really nice metallic finish, we can just see the back of this design, in fact, we can only see a partial bit of this designs... but, if you go HERE, you can get a glimpse of what the entire figure will look like, albeit it's in vector form, you can still imagine how rad this will be! Loving all those sculpted rivets!!! No word on how rare this particular piece will be... but it's cool to see Dril back in another Dunny series!

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