"Chubbee" a new resin figure from Chase Odom!

Chase Odom, a tattoo artist based out of Chula Vista, CA, recently began to create toys as an independent artist under his new line... wait for it, wait for it... 'Albino Taco Toys'... yup, best company name EVER!!! Chase has designed what he has come to name a "Chubbee", it's a resin figure produced by the fine people at Mana Studios... so you know the quality is going to be there! This figure stands 6" tall of solid resin and comes with a resin helmet that will be swappable with other upcoming figures! Several color ways and finishes are to come within the future for this piece. It will be a limited release with less than 50 pieces available... and according to Chase, this is expected to release on Sunday, June 1st. All we have now is that teaser image above, but stay tuned for more info in the coming weeks!

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