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'Box Of Boom' from Kidrobot reveals "LEMON DROP" Dunny from Andrew Bell!!!

We all saw how awesome the 'Box Of Boom' that Kidrobot released last year was... unreleased vinyl figures, super rare protos, and sneak peeks of things to come. Well, Kidrobot did it again, and those boxes are starting to show up with plenty of surprisese in them! One of which is a brand new 3" Dunny created by Andrew Bell called "Lemon Drop". This figure is printed on a clear PVC type material and features a slew of regal type flourishes as well as a nice looking stylized spider on the back... a lovely design... and makes me wish for a supersized 20" version of this! With that being said, it seems as though these will be released in the very near future (by the end of the month we are guessing, so no need to scramble to buy these up from ebay right now.

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