The unluckiest Lucky Bags of all… Super7's 13th Anniversary Lucky Bags announced!

In light of their 13th Anniversary, the ever-impressive Super7 have announced "Super7 the 13th," which probably indicates their annual tradition of the Lucky Bag. With 13 being widely considered an unlucky number — as well as making allusions to a certain slasher film franchise — we're thrilled to see what sort of macabre fun the company has in store for us this year! Typically containing 9 figures total, these Lucky Bags tend to contain previously unreleased figures as well as colorways & editions that will be available nowhere else! Typically released at the end of May or beginning to mid-June, these are available in-person (at 1427 Haight St., San Francisco, CA 94117) first with any remaining copies made available online in the Super7 store. Expect teasers and announcements to be forthcoming!

Please note: The above image was created by me using the logo Super7 revealed. The background figure in no way knowingly hints at the contents of this year's Lucky Bags.

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