SouthernDrawl's custom "Iron Munny" for Dragatomi's 5-Eyed Dragon II group art show... is awesome!

As promised, here is another reveal for the previously announced '5-Eyed Dragon II' group show... and this go around, it's an EPIC custom Munny from SouthernDrawl! Using Marvel's own 'Iron Man' as inspiration, SD went to town on this custom 'Iron Munny' vinyl figure incorporating a whole new exoskeleton suit that the Munny figure stands on... not to mention all the additional mech like arm extensions and mask... so RAD! On top of all that, the weathered paint and choice to leave the original Munny in tact, this custom shows off why SD is at the top of the custom designer toy food chain! This custom is just the tip of the iceberg for SD... and trust me when I say this... every piece he created for this show is truly top notch! The "5-Eyed Dragon II" show featuring works from SouthernDrawl, DrilOne, Leecifer, Brent Nolasco, and Betso opens this Saturday, April 12th at Dragatomi!

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