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MAp-MAp presents "Ped" - A new resin art multiple debuting at ToyCon UK!

"These hoofed beasts tiptoe over the hills, slowly fanning the land for flying creatures that may fall into their mouth. When seen from afar a business of Peds can form a furry tide that sways up and down the mountainous land, as the weather persuade any bug life they crave to seek warmer climates." Created by the one and only MAp-MAp, the 12 majestic four footed resin beasts will be created as one of a kind colorways, available for £30, at booth #29 this Saturday at Toycon UK... another reason to attend for sure! I love the adorable quality of this shy little creature, a cute little guy that only MAp-MAp could create and with flawless execution! Be sure to swing by his booth to pick one of these up!

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