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KaijuMonsteR Gallery and HELLTOYS Present: "Behemoth" group custom show at Concrete Gallery, Amsterdam!!!

KaijuMonsteR Gallery and HELLTOYS are proud to announce an upcoming group custom toy show entitled "Behemoth"... which, features over 20 amazing artists who all sunk their teeth into a huge piece of resin and created some truly wicked customs. Hosted by Concrete Gallery, this show will include custom pieces by the following artists: ANÜSTES, Jon-Paul Kaiser, Barbatos, MAp-MAp, Dolly Oblong, Greg Mishka, DonP, Francesco De Molfetta, Flawtoys, Brent Nolasco, Stan Grograou, Josh Pearce, Gumtaro, PixelKaiju, GUUMON, Plaseebo, Masayoshi Hanawa, Todd Robertson, Helltoys, SpankyStokes, Hints and Spices, ukyDaydreamer, Javier Jiménez, and Charlotte Wagemaker! An international cast of artists tackling a rad piece of resin... it's a win/win all around!
I was seriously honored to be part of this show... and as most of you know, I really dig monsters, so I was stoked when I got this massive piece of resin in my hands. There was really no need or want to sculpt on this piece... it already had so much attitude and definition to it, the only way I could really tackle it was to try and give it a realistic paint job, as if these beasts roamed the earth... and above is my humble attempt at this. I added so many layers of paint... I lost track, along with some gloss and matte highlights and that tuft of hair on the head that runs down the back... I am really happy with the way this turned out! If you are in or around Concrete Gallery in Amsterdam, be sure to swing by the show on May 2nd from 6pm-9pm to see these amazing pieces in person... the show will run until May 11th, 2014.

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