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Hugh Rose is making his own resin figures now... and you can own them!!!

Artist Hugh Rose has been working hard in his studio figuring out how to cast his own figures and as you can see in this post... we could say he was very successful! They are all his own sculpts, cast by him and hand painted... each with a unique design. First up is 'The Russell'... Another of the mysterious inhabitants of Guernsey's coastal waters. This limnal mariner is available in two colorways; "Yellowed Old Map" and "Pachyderm Grey". This figure is a customized resin piece standing 8" tall with hand-sculpted face and tusks unique to each piece.
The Small Walrus is called 'Scrimshaw' and he is a 4" tall resin figure etched and ink washed by hand in the tradition of old-time whalers... each piece features unique tattoos, and we really dig these, alot!

Lastly, based on Hugh's prize-winning 'Sky Monkey' Design from way back in 2010, here is the 8" resin version, designed, sculpted and cast by Hugh in his studio. Each piece is hand-painted and features a unique colorway and design... gotta love that open sky on the head, and the amount of line work and detail put into each piece is seriously mesmerizing! Some of these pieces are for sale, so if anyone is interested they can reach Hugh directly at hello@hughrose.co.uk - go grab these amazing piece up now!

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