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Frank Kozik × Skinner's hand-painted, micro edition Ultrus Bog figures: the "Aqua Bog!"

Deep beneath the waves the Bogs grow angered at Aquaman's habit of tossing his trash into their yard and decide to exact vengeance in their own violent and sadistic way! Marvel to the hopeless thrashings of Aquaman as they rend him into several pieces! Rejoice with them as his life force bubbles merrily away int to he Abyss!
As previously teased, Frank Kozik has hand-painted a micro edition of Skinner's 8-inch tall "Ultrus Bog" figure. Entitled the "Aqua Bog" version, this limited edition of 13 soft Japanese vinyl (sofubi) pieces are packaged in a bag with unique header cards, each signed and numbered by Kozik! Available on Thursday, April 10th, 2014 at 12 NOON Pacific time in Kozik's online shop for $200 apiece.

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