Devilboy's "The Midnight 6ix" micro edition of his "Alavaka" Japanese vinyl figure Coming Soon!

Devilboy's "Alavaka" figure prepares for the newest hand-painted colorway release, known as "The Midnight 6ix." As this version's name implies, the edition will be limited to 6 pieces worldwide and their coloration has been made to mimic the night sky on a clear night at midnight. Cast in gold glitter infused clear Japanese vinyl with a double-cast glow-in-the-dark inner vinyl, an array of metallic blue, purple, and gold sprays round out the base design with subtle neon accents on the faces and horns. There are three different neon paint applications — green, orange, and pink — each limited to 2 pieces and shipped completely at random! Available on April 19th, 2014 in the Devils Head Productions's online shop.

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