"Build Ya Skillz" when Lego goes urban... a new 'Fatcap Vandal faced Bomber' diorama from Hoakser!

Check out this custom lego scene of a 'Fatcap Vandal faced Bomber' that UK based artist Hoakser recently created. It stands 9.5cm tall and is 14cm at it's widest. Titled "Build Ya Skillz", the custom mini fig has articulated arms and legs (like all other lego) and his New York fatcap face can be rotated. not secure to any one position, he can be placed anywhere in the diorama... really cool! According to Hoakser, the scene was created by gluing lego blocks down onto a plastic base -before painting - then the sides/back were sprayed matte black. The scene itself was painted with spray paints and acrylics... a really fun urban Lego custom! This is a fresh, original, signed piece intended for display by a collector is up for grabs HERE right now!

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