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Brandt Peters & Circus Posterus form new online illustration community… Creatures of the Sunday Night!

I love anything that gives the feel of a community within the Designer Toy art movement, so I was thrilled that Brandt Peters has begun creating a new weekly illustration group named "Creatures of the Sunday Night." The premise is simple: every Sunday, Peters will post an inspirational word, image, or combination of the two to his Instagram feed and then everyone who wants to participate has until 12 MIDNIGHT that night to finish a piece and post it to their own Instagram account. With all pieces using the hashtag CreaturesOfTheSundayNight, it's quite easy to browse all the member's work. But possibly the best part is that on every Monday, Peters will do a critique and discussion of the works in the Circus Posterus online forum, The Sideshow. We're told that there will even be contests, events, and shared experiences planned through this new community! Pictured below are a couple of my favorite contributions to the first week's challenge, "Circus Ghost"; clockwise, contributions by Brandt Peters, Tasha Zimich, Gretchen Lewis, and Kathie Olivas.

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