"Bill the Fish(er)Man" & "Who Are You Calling UGLY?" customs from Infinite Rabbits!!!

Thomas aka Infinite Rabbits sent two new customs to Bottleneck Gallery for the Vinyl Thoughts "Unmasked" show, and above you can see the fruits of his labor! First of which is a creepy take on the classic 'Buffalo Bill' character in Silence of The Lambs... "Would you fish me? I would fish me. I'd fish me so hard." -- Bill was a fish who never felt comfortable in his own skin. He watched the fishermen on the riverbanks with jealousy. But he was also a fish of grand ambitions. So he set traps, and caught and skinned the humans to make a new body, to transform himself. "Bill the Fish(er)Man" is a custom 4" KR Bub, that in his final form stands about 11" tall.
Next is a cute little custom Funko POP! 4" vinyl Uglydoll (OX.) figure entitled "Who Are You Calling UGLY?" that features the base figure with an additional sculpted on mask and knife accessory... someone you wouldn't want to mess with, that's for sure! Both are available at Bottleneck Gallery in Brooklyn HERE right now... so give them a good home!

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