AVAILABLE NOW: threeZero × Go Nagai's "Mazinger Z" Super Robot 1:43 Scale Figure!

The previously announced to-scale Super Robot figure of "Mazinger Z" (マジンガーZ) is now available for pre-order from threeZero. Created under an official licensing agreement with Go Nagai's Dynamic Planning, this 40cm (roughly 15¾-inch) tall, 0 Scale (or 1:43 Scale) figure has highly detailed mechanical parts and is fully posable, coming with detachable Hover Pilder, two Iron Cutters with Mighty Knuckles, a Mighty Sword, and even light up eyes! But the best part is that every Mazinger Z figure pre-ordered directly from threeZero's online shop for $330 comes with an exclusive additional part: the below pictured Doublas M2 severed head! Order yours now before they disappear…

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