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Amnesty International × Coarse Toys's "Freedom Candles" containing limited bronze statues!

Amnesty International, the leading charity in work to defend and promote human rights, has partnered with Coarse for an exceeding special (and limited) release: "Freedom Candles." Available in three designs representing different human rights injustices — the political prisoner (above), the military rifle (below), and the sex traffic scenario (far below). Carefully handcrafted, these symbolic and innovative candles reveal bronze figures held inside each as the wax burns down — the political prisoner reunited with his son (above), the pen signing the first global arms treaty (below), and a young woman who is free to make her own choices (far below). Each of these three designs is limited to only 10 copies worldwide, with the pieces being auctioned on eBay for eight days beginning on 19 April 2014, a new candle being released every hour for 30 hours.

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