Sucklord × DKE Toys's Exclusive "S.U.C.K.L.E. (DIY White)" for Little Rubber Guys!

The folks over at Little Rubber Guys are proud to present an exclusive edition of Sucklord and DKE’s S.U.C.K.L.E. Mini Figure Series! Relive all of the Super Sucklord’s many misadventures with this 10 figure set featuring new renditions of a variety of his characters including: Sucklord 96, Gay Empire, Vectar, Sucklord 16, Another Bitch, Necromancer, Sucklord 43, Galactic Jerkbag, Ass Wipe, and Tyranusberg. Each S.U.C.K.L.E. is around 2” tall and is cast in clear "DIY White" PVC!!! They even come in a clear tub, just like those old M.U.S.C.L.E figures you had as a kid! The Little Rubber Guys S.U.C.K.L.E. set is available HERE right now for just $20 a set!

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