PH-42 is here to take over the world!

The guys over at Fresh Monkey Fiction have a SICK new project in the works... and it seems to be very close to completion. Introducing "PH-42", a rad looking robo with an attitude... don't believe me? Well... look what this rambunctious robot sent me " I am here to inform you that your destruction is inevitable! Soon I will be releasing a legion of robot soldiers to destroy your world. Before I unleash my fiery vengeance on your planet I am giving you the opportunity to save yourself by helping me to build my robot army." Releasing in vinyl, this robo will be available in two versions, the 'PH-42 (modeled after myself)' and 'DIY-01'.

Not only do you get an amazingly detailed 7"(17.80cm) Robot Solider but by purchasing a robot soldier you guarantee your own survival... sounds like a good deal to me :-) Not much else is known about this project, but the photos above really make it look quite promising and if the price point is good, I can see these selling very well! Keep up to date by hitting 'LIKE' on their Facebook page HERE... more very soon!

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