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"OpenSource 2" - ToyCon UK Exclusive from Alto!!!

Following the debut of alto's 'OpenSource' concept, at last year's Designer Toy Awards, ToyCon UK 2014 will see the unveiling of the second chapter of this original line... and this dude loves his geometric shapes! "OpenSource 2.0" is entitled 'Platform A' and, as the name suggests, is specifically designed to be a platform-type toy. A versatile sculpt, featuring large blank surfaces and offering a multitude of opportunities... just look at how this piece can sit/stand... cool! As with the previous release, the buyer of the piece not only gets the '1 of 1' edition master sculpt itself, but also the design rights to the figure. Yup, that's right. One lucky owner gets to either leave this on the shelf, as a unique addition to their collection, or to mold, cast and distribute the figure, keeping, if they so wish, all profits of their endeavours for themselves. Snag it at the con for£100GBP ($165).

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