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Onorio Depiro for ToyCon UK!

ToyCon UK 2014 is only 2 weeks away, and that means we will be pumping out news concerning exclusives and releases so you will know what up for grabs at this cool convention... and it appears that the folks over at FUGI.me will have quite the booth this year focussing on a ton of artists, the first of which is Onorio Depiro! Robots... yup, there will be a ton of those! First up is have "P.A.L."... This beautiful robot is a one off, and comes in his own presentation box. He will be priced at £80. 7" Tall with light up eyes. Next is Onorio's classic "Rusty Bot", a charming fellow, limited to 6 pieces and priced at £50 each. Then there is "Chunky-Bot". Onorio will have 4 of these and they will be £35 each and they come packed in a rather nifty little box. We can't forget about "Strong-Bot"... and they will have just 2 pieces of this guy, priced at £60 each, presented in his own box. "I Eats Flowers" will also be available in 2 versions... the green version priced at £35, and 5 of the red version priced at £40. The red version comes with its own print. Both versions come packaged in their own boxes. There will also be Onorio's new "Dead Lolly" resin... 6 pieces each in a different color. Sold "kaiju style" in bag with header card, a bargain at £35 each. And last, but by no means least, are these beautiful pins ]riced at only £4 each. They will have 60, these will disappear quickly... "God Save The Queen"!!!

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