Kidrobot's Holidape "Kwanzaa" edition by MAD?!?!

In a very unexpected reveal over on the Kidrobot message board, one luck y collector snagged up a really nice surprise in their 'Box Of Boom'... an unreleased Kwanzaa version of MAD's Holidape Dunny that was released last year... and according to MAD himself, this is legit! MAD says "I did this design with the other 2 color ways but I was told it was dropped. The pic looks exactly like my design (even the details on the ears)". So what's the story... is this a sample that Kidrobot only made a few of and decided it wasn't worthy of making the release... who knows?!?! The figure is awesome, and I hope it was produced... because I want one! More on this hopefully soon! Follow the story as it unfolds HERE!

*UPDATE* I have been following the progress on what is going on with this mystery ape and according to KRoracle, he had this to say "Interesting. The Kwanzaa Ape was cancelled from the lineup. The original plan was for all three pieces, with two of them being chases to the Christmas common. But Kwanzaa Ape was cancelled from the set fairly late in the game for various reasons, and no Kwanzaa Apes were ever supposed to be included in the Holiday Dunny set for last year. Any that did exist, should have been destroyed & recycled. If I was to create a theory to support the piece, I would say that language barriers got in the way & someone on the lines accidentally threw a small lot into bags for the sealer, instead of the recycling bin. IF that happened, there would be a few, "ultra chases" out there in the world." All that being said, and if it's true... this may be one of the rarest production Dunny's to date... and any Dunny collectors Holy Grail. We will continue to follow this story and see how it unfolds.

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