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HOLY CRAP! BITE-SIZE BEAUTY! Triplikid's "Mini Mirth" Prototype Spotted!

Triplikid, the artist behind the Groper, Dolar & Mirth figures, has revealed on his Instagram the upcoming "Mini Mirth" release! While hard to judge size from these comparison shots — showing the black "Mini Mirth" next to the 5-inch tall white "Mirth" — we have to guess this bite-size version is roughly 2- to 3-inches tall, but packed with all the same great detail work as the original! We understand that these are a couple of weeks away from release with a price yet-to-be-determined, but we have the feeling everyone is going to want these fantastic figures. Now the real question is: how long before we get "Mini Gropers" and "Mini Dolars"?!?

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