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Flawtoys's custom Androids and Dunnys — kinda, sorta — for ToyConUK!

Flawtoys reveals some new goodies he's cooked up for ToyConUK, available at his Booth #11 on April 12th, 2014. While new Flawtoys releases are always appreciated and admired, he seems to have journeyed into the questionable realm of resin cast version of vinyl Designer Toys… "Another World," pictured above, being a re-sculpted Android figure that has been cast in resin, and "Dunny Double-Casts," pictured below, which are — as the name implies — 3-inch tall Dunny resin double-casts. The newly sculpted elements on both look fantastic and I'm sure they'll receive many an "ohhh" and "ahhh," I just wish they were completely new designs from the artist instead of evolutions of someone else's figures.

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