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Brandt Peters x Ferg - TROUBLE BOYS S00? [NKD] GID

Ohhhhh, let's get NKD!!!! All you folks ready for the next EPIC Squadt release, well... Ferg just dropped a bomb on the designer toy community as he tells us that slated for release on Monday, March 31st at 12Noon CST is a brand new release of Brant Peter's and Ferg's TROUBLE BOYS Squadt... but you all need to pay attention! This will be a 48/24 hour 'open' order in the Squadt store HERE like the previous NKD release, but with a couple of changes. Here is how it is structured... 48 hour open order period for the TB S00? [NKD] GID - which will retail for $95! Now... the 24 hour open order for the TB S00? [NKD] GID AND GID perp SET is available for $175... so if you want both, don't sleep! These 6" GID vinyl figures feature 3 sets of eye lenses, 2.1 and classic arms, pajamas (different colors for each figure), weapons (Katana:OG or ShotGun:Perp), hats (Bowler:OG or sKangol:Perp), and a removable helmet. Such amazing figures... and like mentioned above, this is a VERY time sensitive release... so set those alarms NOW!

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