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3DRetro's robot mascot in Keshi?!?!

Well it's about time!!! I remember back during Desigener-Con 2008, or as it was called Vinyl Toy Network back then, Matt from October Toys was live sculpting 3DRetro's cool looking robot mascot for all to see. it was a much larger version, but I was really looking forward to this being release... and it never did. Fast forward to 2013, and George Gaspar of October Toys was asked by 3DRetro to finally get this sculpted up... and above is the end result... Keshi goodness in the form of 3DRetro's rad bot figure! Oh, and check this out... I actually knew about the mascot being designed by Brandt Peters through talks over the past years with Ben over at 3DRetro, but Brandt just posted this up promoting the upcoming release of these figures: "Many are not aware that I originally designed the Toy Company - 3D Retro's logo mascot (@3dretro). Get ready for #keshi figure versions of my vintage #steampunk robot design available through 3D Retro. @3dretro just released these images recently. Amazing sculpting work by @georgegaspar -- can't wait! Contact @3dretro for more information!!!! #3dretro" Yup... it's been a long time coming! Look for the colors that you see above to release next month, as well as many other shop exclusive colorways in the near future as well, and seeing as these are being produced through October Toys and their massive lineup of OTMFG figures, these will also retail for the reasonable price of just $2 a pop! I'm going to build a robot army... how about you?!?!

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