Every Kidrobot Dunny produced... as a poster?!?!

We here at SpankyStokes created a poster a few years back that contained every single production Dunny... well, as you may know, that kinda poster gets dated pretty quickly as Kidrobot releases 3 to 4 new Dunny series a year not to mention special editions as well as 20" and 8" versions... so we figured, why not update it :-) Above is an image, sized to 28" x 22" wide that contains every single production Dunny... pretty fun, right? Oh... and if you want a Hi-Res version of this, click the link HERE (be sure to click the magnifying glass in the bottom right corner of the image twice to get to the Hi-res photos) This is not sanctioned by Kidrobot at all and should not be sold... it was just a fun project that we put together for everyone to enjoy! Oh... and if you use it or post it somewhere, give us credit, would ya :-)

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