DrilOne x Coma21 - Rusted and ready "War All the Time" Sewercreep custom vinyl release!

"Ian has been feelin rough. His skin doesn't have its usually gooey feeling to it. Maybe he's just dehydrated. I mean most people binge on soda for a couple of weeks and their eyes dry out right? Plus this gaping hole in his mid section can't be all that serious if he can still skateboard. But maybe that's the cure for all of this, nothing like some post apocalyptic skate boarding to make a creep feel young again." The newest "Ian The Sewer Creep" edition is a collaboration between DrilOne and Coma21... and as you can see above, Dril put his spin on this mutant by adding his rusted look along with some really cool surprises! The "War All the Time" edition made in Japanese vinyl (Sofubi) sports an array of rusted colors, comes with a gnarly hole in his Chest that reveals some GID bones!!! This Creep goes on sale Thursday, February 20th at 5PM PST HERE for only $100 each.

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