Clogtwo x Mighty Jaxx - Limited edition "Adventure Time" gift cards available now!

For the first time ever, the folks over at Mighty Jaxx are releasing limited edition gift cards! Depending on the value you choose, these cards contains a special code for use at their online store. Buy it as a gift to yourself or your loved ones! Their first release features well-known artist CLOGTWO's rendition of Adventure Time... so good! Artworks are printed directly onto credit size cards which are durable, easy to keep, and put on display as well! Each gift card comes with an individual edition number, and prices start from $10, where we will send a random card from this collection. For $30 you can choose a set (2 cards) of either the "Heroes" or "Villains" version. For $50, you will receive all 4 cards, both "Heroes" and "Villains". So if you plan on picking up anything from Mighty Jaxx in the future... you have no reason NOT to snag these up!

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