"Cannonball: The Littlest Robo" resin from The Clockmaker!!!

Joseph aka The Clockmaker is a 16 year old artist based in the UK and he continues to impress with his small run of resin releases, and for his most current reveal, he has gone to the bots, once again! "The CannonBall: a powerful, virtually indestructible mean machine. Built for combat, it's foes quiver with fear - well, that's how it seems... Really, he works for the circus, fighting his regular opponent, er, himself. Well, another robot that's exactly the same but a different colour. His fans call him "Smasher." Others just call him - The Littlest Robo." These cool little guys stand just 1.5" tall, come in 2 different colorways, are hand painted with acrylics and are up for grabs HERE right now for just £15 each + postage.

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