Mikie Graham's "Billy the Automaton" custom wooden Billy for Blamo Toys × Toy Art Gallery Show!

This year marked the fifth consecutive Blamo Toys custom show at Toy Art Gallery, which we previously announced HERE, which — as always — was curated with the help of artist Mikie Graham, who also contributed his above pictured "Billy the Automaton" creation. Deciding to exceed expectation and create something truly special, Graham began work on customizing a 32-inch tall solid wood Mega Billy figure, hollowing the piece out and converting it meticulously with working mechanisms. A simple enough concept, you pull chains on either side to determine the fate of Billy, whether it be life or death:
One your choice has been selected, you descend the charm between Billy's legs, opening up his face plate and revealing the sculptural imagery of your choice: Life brings forth an 8-inch tall wood Billy figure, while Death bears a construction centered around a real rabbit skeleton.
The interior of the custom's face is illuminated by two LED bulbs, wired to a replaceable battery, that only illuminate when the panels open. And, of course, carefully closing the doors is quite simple: you just pull on the Hug charm that resides on Billy's head, automatically resetting the whole for another go!
That seems like an awful lot to remember, doesn't it? Fear not, the backside of the antique base has instructions detailing the whole process scribed across it:
And while it's one thing to read about how this fantastic piece works, you really need to see it in action before spending the $2,500 it costs from HERE, so we're thrilled to share this video of the creation in action:

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