Jesse Hernandez x Hydro74 - "Rednecks & Aztecs" Death Serpent from Kuso Vinyl in 2014

On Christmas day, Jesse Hernandez dropped a bomb... a new version of his 'Death Serpent' vinyl figure produced by Kuso Vinyl! So you might be saying... "why is this so special?!?!"... well, it's special because he teamed up with Hydro74 to create this exclusive version that not only features Jesse's original figure, but artwork from Hydro as well in Jesse's first ever artist collaboration on one of his original vinyl toys. You just gotta love that black, gun metal gray, red and gold colorscheme... and what's that in the background? Another colorway??? So much goodness in one photo, and yet we don't have any other info other than the fact that these are going to drop early 2014... so get ready! More details will be posted when we get them!

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