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THE MOST STUNNING THING YOU'LL SEE TODAY: Klav's Maschinen Krieger custom Munny!

Let's start with the basics… the science fiction series Maschinen Krieger ZbV 3000, also known as Ma.K and originally named SF3D, only ran in monthly Hobby Japan magazine installments from 1982 until 1986, but its wonderful powered armor suits and bipedal walking tank designs made a lasting impact. To this day, the fanbase is legion and the number of toys & model kits made off the concepts are numerous. Enter Kevin "Klav" Derken, a New Haven, CT resident with an obsession for Ma.K and a true skill for model painting. How much skill? He was the first ever non-Japanese winner of the Kow Yokoyama prize (Best in Show), which he received for a winter painted version of the 1/20 scale Königs Kröte garage kit by Rainbow Egg! So, having mastered kit painting, he's now turned to Designer Toy customization… As pictured herein, Derken created this absolutely stunning "Maschinen Krieger: S.A.F.S." custom 7-inch tall Munny, turning the platform into a slick power suit with the pilot popping her head out of the opened hatch. If this isn't the most stunning thing you see today, then I absolutely want to know what you're looking at! Ready for the best part? This piece is available right now for the insanely low price of $400… first come, first served on this one-of-a-kind hand-made and painted creation! Contact the artist at kevin [dot] derken [at] gmail [dot] com to secure this magnificent work before anyone else!
By the way, if you miss out, don't fret too much… we're told that Derken will have a presale for some hand-painted resin figures of his own making early in the new year!

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