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Secret Painting Club "Gold Version" - A blind box painting series by UK based illustrator Couk!!!

Secret Painting Club, a project by UK-based illustrator Couk, is back for a third round. Following the success of the Pink and Blue versions in the past year, Couk is back with Secret Painting Club - Gold Version. SPC takes the world of fine art and the world of blind-box toys and combines them to create sets of 20 miniature paintings, which are wrapped up and sealed with wax in identical paper bags (along with a colorful postcard and unique hand drawn trading card). So you buy one at random and tear open the bag with excitement (or give one to a friend and share that moment of anticipation with them), and suddenly become the proud owner of a one-off, original piece of artwork.

SPC Gold is the third collection of Secret Paintings; 20 new characters on sunny golden canvases, including Rootie, the creature with a house on his head (currently empty due to high rent costs), Prismantis, who hypnotises his prey (fruit and veg) with rainbow powers, and Vortecks, who travels between parallel dimensions to tell everyone about the screenplay he's working on... to name but a few. The paintings are on sale HERE starting 1pm PST on Sunday December 1st. The Blue and Pink versions sold quickly, so save the date!

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