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*REVIEW* Banksy x Mike Leavitt x Magic Bodega - Banksy "Art Army" designer vinyl action figure!

It's been a long time coming... actually 3 years since its first incarnation, but now, Mike Leavitt's awesome "Banksy Action Figure" - in vinyl - is now up for grabs to the masses!!! The production of this figure was no easy road, and the history behind it is quite fantastic, and thanks to the folks over at Magic Bodega, we were able to check this out first hand so above is a quick LIVE video review we recently completed along with some photos... so without further ado, let's dive into it! The figure is based and modeled on a piece that Mike Leavitt created as a one-off figure for his show back in 2010 at Stolen Space Gallery in London... where the original was purchased for $2,500, this vinyl reproduction is limited to 1,000 pieces and is only $100 a pop... and what's even more awesome about this figure is that it's the first time any of Leavitt’s "ART ARMY" figures have been recreated in mass.
Upon first glance at the packaging, it just screams Banksy... that is if you are familiar with his black/white brick motif with wheatpasted images. The box does what it's supposed to do, protect the figure and all of its accessories... and it comes with alot of those! The piece is based on an installation made by Banksy at Disneyland... seen in his recent movie "Exit Through The Gift Shop" in which he dressed an inflatable doll in the outfit of a Guantanamo Bay prisoner and then placed the doll inside the fence of the ride 'Big Thunder Mountain Railroad' for all to see.
What you get in the box is a full scene... a base that is a rocky/pebble ridden ground, a fence, the GITMO prisoner, Banksy figure, cacti, banana, and a "blek le rat" figure... all of which come together to form one awesome looking display. The folks over at Magic Bodega who produced this figure really did a fantastic job capturing Leavitt's original sculpting style, and the fact that they included all the extras... well, it really does make this piece quite magical!  This to me, is a must have in any designer toy collection... you will not be unsatisfied with your purchase. Head on over HERE right now and pull the trigger on this, I can honestly say that I can't see it lasting very long, so if you want to own a piece of art history, go pick one up today!

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