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RELEASING TODAY! Peter Kato's "Tako Terrians" & "Tako-Cubes" bearing Fall colors!

I'm truly digging that Peter Kato's passionate brand of resin figure has returned to the scene, his hiatus to build a better studio made him sorely missed… And as the weather continues to turn a bit more to the chilly side in good ol' New York, Kato embraces it and makes more fantastic 'fall colored' pieces! The first is the clear orange resin "Tako Terrians" (pictured above), made in an edition of 6 pieces, which will be only $10 apiece. Pictured below are two versions of the "Tako-Cube" figure: an orange & silver one with Grimace in the torso (below left) and a honey clear with pyramid design in the torso. Both of these adorably tiny mini figures will cost only $15 apiece, with the former limited to 6 and the latter limited to only 4 pieces made… ever! All three of these mini figures will appear randomly within the next several hours in Kato's web shop, so keep checking and don't miss out!

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