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Peter Kato's "'Mocha' Mogu-Tank (Mole Tank)" rolls in bearing Fall colors!

Peter Kato returned after his 'resin studio building' hiatus with a passion, introducing a new line of stunning pieces just in-time for NYCC. And now it is time for one of those amazing newcomers to get a second colorway: the "'Mocha' Mogu-Tank," or Mole-Tank! A stunning three color resin casted piece, the main body is a Light Milky Tan with Dark Grey painted highlights, the Nose Cone is a Light Choco, and the Tank-tread is a Rich Brown… all the colors of Fall! Packaged in a its own special box, each Mogu-Tank will run you $30 and, while you're picking one up, toss a $5 apiece "Army Jacks" figure in your order… they've just been restocked in Kato's web shop and are awaiting your commands!

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