Pause Designs x Kidrobot - From custom to production... 8-inch "Yeti" Dunny teaser!

I looks like Kidrobot teamed up with another well deserving artist in the designer toy scene, that up until now primarily is known for his clean custom work, well... Pause Designs talents have finally made an impact, and releasing on December 5th, 2013 is his custom turned production "Yeti" upside down 8" Dunny! You may all remember the super unique custom he created (posted HERE) back in 2011, where he turned the Dunny upside down, added some serious amounts of sculpting and super clean paint applications, to transform this recognizable shape into an angry Yeti. Well, not only did fans dig it, but so did Kidrobot, and they decided to take this into production. As you can see from the above teaser, there will be two colorways, a periwinkle blue version, and a black version... really cool! It's great to see Kidrobt pushing the boundaries of production by taking on this project... a bold move for their flagship platform figure! What do you all think about this?!?!

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