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Mintyfresh x Ferg x Grody Shogun - "Dark Choco & Mint" Young Gohst set & Loyalty Program!

 photo young-gohst-minty-dark-choco-by-ferg-x-grody-shogu.jpg
Brewed from a shockingly good batch of Mint Chocolate chip bucket of ice cream and imported straight from Japan. Mintyfresh is proud to present another a great exclusive figure to haunt your collection, behold the Mintyfresh exclusive Dark Choco & Mint Flavored Young Gohst set, designed by Ferg x Grody Shogun. The Young Gohst stands 3" tall and are cast in Dark chocolate & Mint colored Japanese vinyl by Grody Shogun! There are four variants of the tongue/brain: Regular (smooth round tongue and normal brain, shown in images), Rocky (faceted/jagged brain and tongue), Turd (similar to regular, but with cracks and crevices) and Nipple (super deformed brain with split/forked tongue). They will be chosen at random for your order, and should you order more than one we will do our best to get you different versions, though they can't guarantee it once stock runs low. The Young Gohst set (Minty & Dark Choco) by Ferg x Grody Shogun is limited to 50 sets worldwide and can be found HERE November 8th at 9am PST!
 photo main_image-2.jpg
Also, the folks over at Mintyfresh just launched a rad 'Loyalty Program' so everybody can earn points to be spent on items at a much greater discount. It's a really unique program, and if you already shop with Mintyfresh, this is more of a reason to continue to use them as your online destination for designer toys! More info can be found HERE!

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