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"Dr.Iso" the all new wooden figure from LouLou & Tummie is coming next week!!!

I am not sure what caused the surge in designer toys taking on the wood medium as of late... but I love it!!! Not to say that there hasn't been wood toys in the designer toy field, it just seems that more and more artists have been taking on this medium alot more latley... and LouLou & Tummie are the next in line. Introducing "Dr.Iso"! He is made out of recycled oak and tulip wood, stands about 4.5" tall, and comes in a custom box. What relly makes this figure unique is not the fact that it's a camera for a head... seen that before, but for me, it's that row of 3 teeth that really gives this little guys some serious personality :-) "Dr.Iso" will be for sale HERE this coming Monday, December 2nd at 20:00 (CET / GMT+1)... but be warned, these are limited to only 5 pieces, so I would get there early and cross those fingers as these will sellout fast!

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