Urban Vinyl Daily's Custom Series with Jeremiah Ketner, Task One, Mike Die & more!

Ittttt'ssss baaaaaaaccckkkkkkk!!! Our friends at Urban Vinyl Daily have announced, as a special DesignerCon release, the UVD Custom Series 2! This custom 3" Dunny series will feature 90 blind boxes that are created by 15 different artists, including (with ratios): Mike Die (1/9), JFury (1/15), JC Rivera (1/9), DeeTen (1/18), Ryan The Wheelbarrow (1/9), Josh Mayhem (1/18), Jeremiah Ketner (1/30), valleyDweller (1/15), Task One (1/18), Shadoe Delgado (1/45), Jason Chalker (1/15), Nerviswr3k (?/90), Carson Catlin (1/9), Scott Kinnebrew (1/18), and Jay222 (?/90). The series also features a Golden Ticket hidden in a random box for one lucky buyer: a custom 8-inch Dunny created by Ryan The Wheelbarrow! These surely fantastic figures will be available at the Urban Vinyl Daily DesignerCon Booth #315 on November 9th & 10th, 2013 for the very reasonable price of $85 each.

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