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ToyCon UK's "T-Con" custom show now online!!!

 photo tcon-customvinyl.jpg
So it's finally here,  and after our previous post HERE, now is your chance to get your hands on the amazing customs of ToyCon UK's wonderful mascot "T-Con" who's been given the once over by a host of amazing artists from around the world including:So who's involved... an all star roster including: Abell | Blobpus | Brian Flynn | Charles Rodríguez | Chima Group | Chris Dobson (Alto) | Cris Rose | D-lux | Datadub | Dream Rocket | Dril One | Gary Ham | Goto San | Hariken | Haus of Boz | Hugh Rose | Josh Herbolsheimer | JPK | Kerry Dyer | Lisa Rae Hansen | Luke Chueh | Lunabee | Map Map | Mark Nagata | Mike Strick | Nerd One | Paul Kaiju | Pete Fowler | Planet Domu | Podgy Panda | PPPudding | Ralph Niese | Rampage toys | Refreshment | Robotic Ind | Run DMB | Scott Tolleson | Skull Toys | Squink! | Stu Witter | Sunguts | Topheroy | Triclops | Uamou | Ume Toys | Yamomark ... and as you can see from some random ones we picked to post above, these are seriously impressive! If you would like to purchase one of the customs, hit the link HERE, and then follow the instructions!

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