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"TOTIMS" the new unique line of interchangable Kaiju figures... announced for a Designer-Con 2013 release!

 photo Banner-totims.jpg
Tim Clarke, the creator of classic cult toy lines 'Boglins' and 'Sectaurs', just sent word that he has been working on a brand new line of figures and plans to debut them at Designer-Con 2013!!! Although we don't know too much about this release just yet, or have any actual photos, we do know that they are called "TOTIMS" and they will be at the Toy Art Gallery booth. Tim goes onto explain that TOTIMS are a new and unique line of Kaiju figures that you can build, customize, personalize, and make your own. Hundreds of variations will soon be launched over the next year making TOTIMS one of the most variable Kaiju figures ever... and that sounds super interesting! Each day Tim will be signing the first colorway, so be sure to swing by to check these out in person. More very soon!

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