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The Alpha Godz will be in full effect at NYCC 2013!!!

 photo galactus.jpg
THE WATCHER HAS SEEN IT! All beware and behold the coming of Galactus "The devourer of worlds" and his Herald the Silver Surfer…. No wait, it's just Titanium playing dress up again with his new buddy Flatz. These are the newest customs from Alpha Godz Studios by Tony "Titanium" Montalvo and Christian "Xian" Montalvo. Both figures are made of hand casted resin and hand painted by the artists. This two figure set is very limited and is a NYCC exclusive at booth #111. It retails at $225 per set and comes with a free plastic display case. Check them out! So speak Galactus!!

 photo f2.jpg
Up next is a new figure... kinda touched on in the post above... introducing "Flatz!"!!! These are Alpha Godz Studios first D.I.Y. resin statue. Each figure is hand casted in a colored translucent resin infused with a glow in the dark powder, and they stand a nice 7" tall! Set to retail for only $25 each with customized versions for $35 each. They will make their debut at NYCC at Alpha Godz Studios booth #111.

 photo t1.jpg
Lastly, meet "Titanium Mini". He's a smaller yet more dynamic version of the iconic Titanium 12’ inch figure. This figure stands a half the size, but he still can pack a huge punch with his hand blast! This is a hand casted resin figure available in two forms, either in a colored translucent resin infused with glow in the dark powder, or hand painted versions. Each figure includes a energy blast insert that plugs into his hand and a free clear acrylic display case. This figure retails at $50 each for either version.

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