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Tesselate's Before ED-IT: Model "C1200" & "C1400" resin robots!!!

 photo C1200_C1400.jpg
The second and third members of Tesselate's new 'Before ED-IT' series are ready to hit the streets. ‘Before ED-IT’ is a new range of handmade resin robots which detail the life of the ED-IT DJ’s before they formed the group. BE_C1200 (2 eyes) and BE_C1400 (3 eyes) will be dropping HERE this coming Sunday, October 6th at 1pm PST! "The 2068 ‘Law of Awareness’ granted all non human creations the same right as humans themselves, and changed the way the working world existed. The C1200 series (pre 2068) would mainly be seen scutling around your nearest Spaceport on their low friction (but high torque) wheelbase. They were the backbone of the stellar travel industry, as they moved large shipments from the loading zones into the gargantuan space freighters. For their size they are super strong, acknowledged to be capable of lifting 4000 times their own weight, they are not be trifled with when it comes to moving items, large or small. It really shows on their trusty Toughskin®, they can take a hit." Limited to only 1 per 4.2" tall robot for each version, these bots look really nice... now, will you be the one to secure them for your collection?!?!

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