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Skinner & Unbox summon "Lolgolth Gnazgoroth"... and behold, he is AMAZING!!!

 photo LolgolthGnazgorothSkinner-unbox.jpg
The guys over at Unbox Industries really have something great going with Skinner... first it was the massively huge "Bullet Belt" figure, and now, just revealed as a beautiful 3D render is their next upcoming project "Lolgolth Gnazgoroth"!!! This wicked looking wizard will be available for purchase in 2014... but for all you NYCC goers, a rough prototype will be on hand and you will have the opportunity to place an "earlybird special order" during the con. Not much is known about the piece, like size, quantity, paint schemes, etc... but what we do know is that it looks fantastic and it's just another notch in the belt of rad vinyl toys that Skinner is wearing around his waste, metaphorically speaking, of course :-)

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