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Resin "Wartoise" from Andrew Byham & The Clockmaker!!!

 photo Wartortouise.jpg
Check out this new project collaboration between Andrew Byham and The Clockmaker, a father son duo that appears to be really digging in an getting stuff done!!! As myth would have it, "Wartoise was originally a peculiar polymer clay model of a tortoise standing on tip toes with cannons sticking out of it's shell and a candle on his back. It made sense to me at the time" Since then the two modelled a more compact version, from which a mould was formed and cast in resin... and above is is result! Wartoise will be released in 12 custom versions and made to order, limited to 10 pieces each, available HERE! The first two stand approximately 4" tall and come in two different versions. "Pumpkin Wartoise" has a seasonal Halloween shell made from polymer clay, sprayed and dry-brushed by hand. "Full Metal Jacket" picks up the shape of a hand grenade with spring loaded metal pin... RAD!

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